Cyprus VR is dedicated to the production and publication of 360° tours that combine the technical capabilities of specialized software and the professional photographic skills of Louca Studios

360360° virtual tours are not a film. Each tour consists of a series of still photographs taken from a fixed point (hot spot) by rotating the camera at regular intervals to cover 360 degrees (full circle). The photos are then stitched together to create a spherical view from that particular point.


Unlike a video, 360° virtual tours are interactive, allowing you to decide the direction and speed of your tour, to stop and go as you please. Arrows on the screen allow you to move left, right, up and down. By dragging the cursor you can move either faster or slower. The ‘full-screen’ option will offer you an amazing enlarged view to fill your screen – and make you feel like you are actually ‘there’.

By clicking any other ‘hot spot’ on the screen, you can access another 360° tour taken from that hot spot’s location.

Our travel guide covers three main categories:

  1. Places of interest in Cyprus
  2. Exhibitions in Cyprus
  3. Commercial productions commissioned by our corporate clients












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